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What is an auction?

An Auction is a service that offers buying or selling items through bidding, live auction or online auction. The highest bid wins the item.

What is the benefit of buying items through an auction?

You determine the price of the item you purchase, unlike retail where there is a fixed price tag for all merchandise.

How can I participate in an auction?

HMR Auctions conducts weekly auctions at three auction centres. Click here to see the exact locations. On-site auctions and sealed biddings are announced by email, mobile and telemarketing communication channels and published in recognized national newspapers. Register and pay the refundable bid deposit. You will then collect your bid number which should be raised when you agree with the bid request of the auctioneer. The auctioneer will call your number out if you are the first bid number that he spots. When there are no more bids the last (highest) bidder is declared the winner by the auctioneer.

Why is it best to sell items through auction?

Auction is the quickest way to turn possessions or inventory into cash. Sellers are also assured that they will get the fair market value for their goods. Auction also provides an aggressive, advanced marketing program that increases buyers’ interest.

How can I find out more about when HMR Auctions will be held and what items they will be auctioning or have for bids?

Simply sign up to receive our newsletters. Choose the category of items you are interested in and we will be sure to inform you of when our Auctions are and the items we will have up for bids.

Can I inspect the goods before I join the auction?

Yes, all bidders who wish to participate in any HMR auction or bidding are encouraged to inspect the items on the advertised dates for viewing or the day before the auction.

Item Status Definition

General Merchandise

New - Ready for retail. Never been used and in-tact retail packaging.
Almost New - Working items, may or may not have Original packaging and possible defects.
Quick Test/ Power on - Quick test on to a power source to identify if an asset turns on. However, functionality not tested.
Repaired – Repaired by a technician.
With dent and/or scratches - May have function defects, obvious physical defects, missing manuals and accessories, may have no Packaging.
Unchecked Assets - Asset may not be functional, possible physical defects, signs of wear and tear, may include original packaging, missing manuals and/or accessories.
Salvage - Non-functional items. Good for Mix and Match. Items rarely includes Manuals and/or accessories.

Plant Equipment and Machinery (PEM)

Unused - Has never been used (less than 20 hours/1,500 km).
Excellent - Limited use; probably shows some evidence of handling and use, but in practically new mechanical condition.
Very Good - In exceptionally good mechanical condition; may have been over hauled or may never have been used enough to require overhaul.
Good – no known mechanical defects, except as detailed in the Additional Notes field; in operating condition, but may have some worn parts that will need repair or replacement soon.
Fair - Has seen considerable service and may require general overhaul soon; may be old or may have suffered hard use.
Poor - Has seen hard service; is worn and needs repair.


Run and Drive- May have clean or repairable scratches. Interiors may have clean or normal wear and tear. Tires may be new or at least 50% usage.
Running –Unit has a few scratches or minor dents but repairable. Interiors may need minor reconditioning and tires are of normal wear and tear
As-Is – Unit has several scratches, minor dents that needs repair or panel replacement. Major reconditioning of interiors. Tires are worn out.
As-Is/Part-out – Major dents and scratches with worn interiors, Tires need replacementand/or accessories.

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