Terms and Conditions

  1. By participating in this auction, the registered bidder hereby agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions specified herein.
  2. The particulars, photos, descriptions, measurements and quantities are for the purpose of identification of the lot and are NOT WARRANTIES in any way as to the correctness thereof.
  3. Items declared “Working” and “Good” will be sold on an “AS IS, WHERE IS” “NO WARRANTY” “NO GUARANTEE” basis and are sold with all faults, if any. Bidders are encouraged to inspect the lot/s prior to placing bids.
  4. AUCTIONEER accepts no responsibility for any lot/s sold after the end of the auction.
  5. The winning bidder is not allowed to WITHDRAW, RETURN, CANCEL and REFUND any lot(s) after being declared as the purchaser.
  6. AUCTIONEER has the right to refuse any bid or withdraw any lot(s) from the sale without stating a reason thereof.
  7. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser. Any high bid that didn't meet the reserve price at the end of the event will be declared as “No Sale”.
  8. AUCTIONEER shall send notification to the winning bidder.
  9. Payments are strictly in the form of cash, manager’s check or direct deposit to the AUCTIONEER’s account; BDO Acct# 485-0221362 payable HMR AUCTION SERVICES, INC. 3 or BPI Acct# 4163-03-8108 payable to HMR AUCTION SERVICES, INC. or at West Service Road Sucat Auction Center. For Bank Deposit, the bidder is required to send a copy of the bank validation at onlineauctions@hmrphils.com .
  10. Buyer’s premium may be collected on top of the bid price for certain auction.
  11. AUCTIONEER may require bid deposit prior to bidding. Bid deposit must be paid at least 3 days prior to bidding.
  12. Delivery- Bidder must make arrangement with the AUCTIONEER for delivery of won lot/s. Delivery charges shall apply.
  13. In the event the winning bidder fails to pay the winning bid price and/or collect his lot/s, HMR Auction Services may cancel the sale, forfeit all monies due and it its sole discretion to re- auction the lot. Further, bidder shall be permanently banned from future bidding.
  14. AUCTIONEER, may at its discretion modify, change or amend the terms and conditions without further notice.

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